Terk Leapfrog Remote Control Extender Kit LFIRX

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Terk Leapfrog Remote Control Extender Kit LFIRX Description

Product Description Model- lf-irx vendor- audiovox electronics features- leapfrog ir remote extender extends the range of any remote control and operates through obstacles from up to 120 feet away. Freestanding units works with most remote controls and a/v components. Installs easily expandable system: add an additional receiver (lfirx-rx) and/or transmitter (lfirx_tx) sold separate. From the Manufacturer The Terk Technologies LF-IRX Leapfrog Remote Control Extender can control virtually any household device that is operated via infrared remote control, including satellite receivers, personal video recorders, VCR’s, CD players, stereo receivers, tape decks, and other components. Leapfrog, the industry leader in multi-room audio/video transmission products, introduces a line of remote control range extenders. The extenders convert the infrared signal from a standard remote control into a long-range RF radio signal, allowing components to be controlled from virtually anywhere in the home without the need for additional equipment or wiring. Remote control extenders allow owners of satellite systems to control a single receiver from any room in the home, creating an instant multi-room solution. Simply network any TV set in the house to the receiver, set up the appropriate remote control extender, and enjoy the show. Remote control extenders put the full functionality of your satellite remote control right at your fingertips, at a fraction of the cost of a new receiver and multi-satellite dish. Remote control extenders use the 418 MHz frequency band to command components through any obstacle, including walls and floors. The product is ready to use in seconds simply by placing the LF-IRX’s extension unit in the appropriate room. All remote control extenders come with all the required equipment, including batteries. Just take it out of the box, set it up, and enjoy your components from wherever you choose.

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